China and the U.S. to Work Together on Cyber Security

U.S. Secretary of State in BeijingChina and the United States have agreed to work together to ensure cyber security.

In a landmark move after months of tension on the issue, Secretary of State John Kerry has stated that the two countries will work together to prevent crime and hacking in the cyber world. Washington has described cyber security as its top national security concern. Kerry stated that cyber security affects every single citizen in the United States, not to mention "the financial sector and the banks."

Kerry made the announcement during a trip to Beijing. The statement is not one sided. The Chinese media had reported earlier that day that the Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi had recommended to Kerry that China and the US work together to ensure cyber security.

The move comes after months of international tension on this issue. In February the Chinese military were accused by a US cyber security firm of being behind a series of cyber attacks on the US. China has also accused the US of making cyber intrusions of their own.

In light of the relationship between North Korea and China, which seems to be considerably weaker than in decades past, the agreement and public display of cooperation between the US and China does not bode well for Kim Jong Un.

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