What Really Happens When the NSPCC Goes to UK Primary Schools

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The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) in Britain undermines parents, teaches young children that they cannot trust their fathers and preaches gender theory. This is what really happens when the NSPCC goes to your children's primary school. We know because it happened to us and our two young daughters.

Their primary school sent around a letter to parents signed by the headteacher informing them that the NSPCC would be coming to present its Speak out. Stay safe. programme, which was about staying safe from bullying, sexual abuse and learning the 'underwear rule.' The letter went on to say 'We have studied the content of the material and heard from other schools who have participated and are extremely confident that they are appropriate for primary-school-aged children.' We took the letter at face value - it sounded ok. Little did we know it was a Trojan horse. The headteacher later admitted that the content of the letter came directly from the NSPCC and that the school had simply copied it onto school letterhead.

When our daughters came home that day, we asked them what the 'underwear rule' was. They had no idea what the 'underwear rule' was. Then they told us what really happened. The NSPCC had taken the 7-11-year olds out of class and put them into an assembly. The NSPCC showed the school children two videos.

The first video promotes the NSPCC's Childline as a number to call and discuss things (which Childline may then report to the police) instead of speaking with their mother or teacher. It encourages children to go behind their parents' back. This video completely wipes out the father and replaces him with the state (the police). www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCA6EhBhiC8.

The NSPCC video is a professionally done animation that was strategically thought out. Leaving out the father was entirely intentional. The person you don't see, the father, is the person the NSPCC is by default intimating children report to Childline. The next video removed any doubt of this.

The second video the NSPCC showed to the children was of a father beating a mother. Our daughters were both shown the video and described it as "The dad had a hard day at work and he came home and took it out on his wife by hitting her." My wife and I never saw the video - it is not posted on the NSPCC website. We asked the school to have the NSPCC show it to us - the NSPCC refused. We were astounded that the NSPCC were hiding material that they were showing to our children.

The NSPCC women (it was two women - no men) then led the children in chanting the Childline phone number over and over in assembly. They were brainwashing them. Little did the children know that Childline is a police informant. Police and Social Services take the precautionary principle approach, i.e. guilty until proven innocent, of removing parents (usually fathers) from their children over trivial allegations. The overreactive result is often unnecessary permanent damage and humiliation of the family. This is exactly what Communist police did in Eastern Europe during the Soviet Union - recruiting children to inform on their parents. It is now a crime for parents to lightly smack a child in Scotland and Wales. The NSPCC want to extend to England criminalisation of parents for 'reasonable admonishment' smacking.

The NSPCC annual report reveals that in 2017 the British Government paid the NSPCC £9.3m to go to schools and preach this anti-father propaganda to impressionable young children. These assemblies are major cash generators for the NSPCC. In addition to being paid by the government, they fundraise heavily off the back of them, pulling in £91m in donations in 2017. The CEO is paid £170,000 per annum. All other full-time directors are on six figure salaries.

The NSPCC women encouraged all of the primary school children to visit the NSPCC website. This is how misandry, gender theory and gender dysphoria get into schools and cause severe mental distress among sensitive, thoughtful children. This material is absolutely, unequivocally not age appropriate for 7-11-year-old pre-pubescent children, in contrast to the text the NSPCC gave the headteacher to paste into the letter to parents. It confuses children and causes them severe mental distress. It is child abuse (videos here: www.childline.org.uk/info-advice/your-feelings/sexual-identity/transgender-identity/).

Parents should consider suing school governors to stop the NSPCC. First, the Equality Act includes a Public Sector Equality Duty requiring public authorities, including schools, to not discriminate on grounds of gender. Second, the NSPCC is failing to consider the best interests of the children.  Assuming 'mother is best' is inconsistent with the evidence that shows that on the rare occasion of genuine abuse, two-thirds of it is committed by mothers. Third, the Education Act gives parents the right to know what is happening to their children in schools. This includes being transparent about videos shown to their children.  The letter the NSPCC has headteachers send to parents is fraudulent misrepresentation. Sued or not sued, school governors should be wise enough to know that once they lose the trust of parents, they never get it back.

Once a good charity teaching stranger danger to children and to tell their parents straight away if anyone asks them to keep a secret, the NSPCC has become the dangerous stranger keeping secrets.  It has morphed into teaching children they cannot trust their fathers, denigrates fathers, undermines parents, interferes with family life and preaches gender theory. The NSPCC, like most charities now funded by Theresa May's government, has joined the government in its Marxist Feminist war against parents, particularly men. Ban the misandric NSPCC from your children's school and do not donate money to the NSPCC.

Children need fathers, as well as mothers, and a male point of view. Families must stand together against the state and children should know that both their mother and father love them and that they should talk to their parents first.

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