Anti-Euro Party Makes Its Official Debut

Alternative For GermanyThe Alternative For Germany party, which opposes the existence of the Euro currency, made its official opening debut over the weekend.

The party will compete in this September's federal elections. It is hoping to win enough votes from Chancelor Angela Merkel's CDU/CSU coalition to send a message to the government. Its message is straight forward- it wants the eurozone to be dissolved.

There have been anti-Euro parties in Germany before, but none with the potential and authority held by the AFG. The top names on the list include economics professors, senior economic advisors, and former bank CEOs. Three of its top members brought a case to the German Constitutional Court in 2011 in which they unsuccessfully argued that EU bailouts of member states were unconstitutional.

Poll analysts are unsure of how well the new party will do in September's elections. Their basic message is supported by 24% of the population, according to one poll. However, they are a single issue party, and a brand new one at that. Whether or not they can appeal to a broad enough pool of voters to warrant the kind of funding and investment they will need to make a serious dent in the CDU's support base is yet to be seen.

Despite the uncertainty of the future, the party gave off an air of confidence at its opening conference. As speaker Bernd Lucke exclaimed at the end of his opening speech, "Its showtime."

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